New sidewalks and tree replacements


The Village of Patchogue Community Development Agency is currently working with the Conservation Tree Committee on a section of Main Street, where they plan on replacing the sidewalks and enlarging the tree pits.

The current 15-to-30-year-old trees have been lifting the sidewalks, causing damage and tripping hazards, mainly in front of Capital One Plaza from Jardin to Whiskey Neat. The village’s Department of Public Works began removing the trees last week. The oldest tree to be removed is a honey locust in front of Jardin Restaurant, which is severely lifting the sidewalk.

“We have over the years root-pruned it and replaced and repaired the concrete there a number of times. There are several hybrid elms that are suffering from girdling root, which can be seen at the surface of the tree pit, and those are also lifting the sidewalk and one is causing damage to Whiskey Neat’s building. Finally, there is a Callery pear that is suffering from a common blight,” said village clerk Lori Devlin of the issue. “We will be selecting trees that will hopefully be more compatible with the sidewalk environment.”

The species of tree are not yet decided on; however, Devlin has been in communication with Cornell University and the New York State Department of Environmental Conservation regarding tree selections. A list of recommendations has been provided and they are currently making decisions.

The CDA proposed the project to replace the sidewalks from 90 to 128 East Main Street and to move the tree pits. The cost of the entire sidewalk project is $109,000, with $90,000 to be funded by the CDA and $19,000 by the village; the rest will be funded through grants. The sidewalk project, according to CDA executive director Marian Russo, depending on permission from Brookhaven Town, will begin in late November 2023 or spring of 2024.


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