Pat-Med hosts 143rd commencement ceremony

Over 650 students graduate


Hats and grad caps off to the 2022 graduating class of Patchogue-Medford High School on June 23. Black and red robes were seen across the grassy field, where the 143rd commencement ceremony took place.

Friends, families, administration, and 663 graduating students were present Thursday night to celebrate the end of their high school education and the beginning of the rest of their lives.

“They say that after graduating from high school, you’ll never speak to 95 percent of your classmates ever again, or at least until your high school reunion—and with good reason,” said Samuel Lorenzo, the valedictorian. “Rather than all following the same path, the road will diverge ahead of us; each of us will forge our own future.”

The Class of 1972 was also honored that night for its 50-year anniversary. For his speech, salutatorian Daniel Antonio Quinteros Tenorio interviewed two members of the 1972 graduating class, John Carter Biggs and JoAnn Julian Moran.

“Last year, two years ago, three years ago, 50 years ago, there were many different students in this place that we are today. But many things have changed throughout these years, whether it be social, political, physical, fashion [etc.],” Tenorio said. “But at the same time, I feel like one thing has been certain: We the people have always been resilient.”

Principal Randy Rusielewicz expressed the significance of this year’s graduation, as his first child graduated high school two weeks prior.

“Know that your best is yet to come and everything is in front of you. Failure will always be the stumbling block to even greater success, and whenever you have any doubts, never worry, just turn around and you’ll see that your passion [will] never be too far behind,” Rusielewicz said. “It has been said, ‘As parents, we can’t promise that we will be with you all the days of your lives, but we certainly will promise that we will love you for the rest of ours.”


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