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Peak Jujitsu opens in Patchogue


Jonathan Satava, owner and operator of Peak Jujitsu, was first introduced to jujitsu at 18 years old. Jujitsu is a form of self defense and an art form, which focuses on getting an attacker into advantageous positions through leverage or body weight. His storied career has included a variety of professional competitions over the past 13 years. He has competed and won as a brown belt at recognized jujitsu competitions such as the Pan-American Games and World Pro, and silver-medaled twice as a black belt at World No-Gi, placed first at New York Pro, and won the ADCC trials. Besides his fruitful career, over the past decade he has been sharing his love for the sport with students around the world, from the world-famous Marcel Garcia Academy and locations all over the U.S., to Brazil, Portugal, Korea, Japan, Abu Dhabi, Thailand, Indonesia and Poland. To Satava, jujitsu is more than a career.

“I really enjoy the art and I have a passion for everything it has given me. I would like to pass that along,” he explained.

All levels and goals welcome

Satava trained at the famous Marcel Garcia Academy for nine years.

“Very intense, but there were groups of people who wanted to train hard and also everyday people… and all sharing [the same] mat. It works; both groups of people are able to help each other,” he said.

At his own studio, Peak Jujitsu, which opened in 2018, he utilizes the same method, cultivating a friendly environment where one person helps the other.

‘It’s a huge part of people’s growth [because] you don’t really know something until you teach it,” he added.

His teaching style is also free-form, where the trainee is in control of their training.

“I try to be detail-oriented but laid back, to allow people to set the tone for their own training,” he said.

The studio offers classes at various intensity levels. People who are starting out are given the opportunity to share their goals for more personalized training. Starting any new venture can be intimidating, so the studio also offers semi-private intro classes, where students can learn in a class alone or with a few other people.

A great workout and new friendships

Jujitsu is both a great workout and a way to make connections with people who have a common interest in the art of self-defense.

“I get a lot of joy and fulfillment seeing people progress, seeing it translate to real life... [getting] in shape and forming friendships,” said Satava.

The sport is not only for adults, but for kids, too.

“The thing we notice the most is that they come out of their shell and get to make friends and [become] more confident,” he said.

Aside from this boost in self-esteem, jujitsu can also help protect children from bullying, making sure his students don’t become a bully but rather learn to use the tactics to deter the bully. In such a situation, the nature of jujitsu can prevent injury or suspension, since trainees are taught how to hold an attacker rather than strike a blow. This can also be really empowering: smaller people will be able to handle bigger people.

To sign up for classes visit their website or contact INFO@PEAKJJ.COM, or call 631-307-9718. The Patchogue studio is located at 176 West Main Street.


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