Birdies application pushed again

Possible decision scheduled for June 15 zoning board meeting


Patchogue Zoning Board pushed the Birdies application again, awaiting addi- tional information before decision. The board met last week requesting more information about New York State code requirements.

The new golf simulation business is being proposed at the property located at 17-19 North Ocean Avenue, beside the Greater Patchogue Chamber of Com- merce office. The owners are seeking a special multi-use permit via the Village of Patchogue Zoning Board to open a gaming room/amusement facility. The building is located in the D-3 business zone.

Earlier this month, attorney represent- ing the applicant, Larry Davis, brought the application in front of the board with co-owner Brendan Kost. The building will consist of six golf simulation areas on the second floor and one on the first floor, accompanied by a bar.

The downstairs bar area will not have a restaurant but will feature food and drink. A large screen will also be fea- tured with the ability to project sports games. An outdoor area is also accessible for refreshments and potentially food trucks. The business will be open until midnight or 2 a.m.

A letter was submitted and read into the record by Davis during the last zon- ing board meeting on Tuesday, June 1. However, two claims in the letter were disputed and questioned by the board, including the building’s proximity to churches, schools and places of public assembly.

A member of the board made note of the nearby establishments, including the Elks Club, Rock Underground, Harbor Church, Think Big!, Patchogue Theatre for the Performing Arts and several others. Another member also suggested the claim of no noise disturbance is ques- tionable, considering the application for an outside deck area with a food truck and drinks. Also, another member questioned if the application conformed with NYS Building Code and Americans with Disabilities Act compliancy, with most of the golf simulation being proposed for upstairs usage without an elevator. 


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