Issues at Ho Hum leave fate unclear

Weather patterns at Fire Island beach have continued erosion issues


Bellport Village officials are thinking of how to face the impending decision of what to do with Ho Hum Beach. Over the fall and the first part of winter, weather has continued to erode the beach and pose risks to the structures there.

Village Clerk John Kocay said at a board of trustees work session Monday that the water has been reaching Burma Road at high tide and the pavilion is in the water most of the time. The boardwalk is mostly stable; Village Public Works removed the connection to the pavilion when it was determined to be unsafe. 

The pavilion had been stable until an October nor’easter, which hit the east end of Suffolk County hard, causing the structure to lean. The county tried to collect damage reports from affected areas in hopes for emergency state funding but did not meet the required threshold of $30 million. Though tilted, the pilings under the pavilion are still standing. The village had been looking at the possibility of moving the pavilion further north, but that option is less likely due to its compromised state. The cost of deconstruction is unknown and would depend on the method used.

The board will make decisions in the coming months on how the beach will operate and the safety measures to take. 


Also from the work session

• Mayor Ray Fell said he would be connecting with the village golf commission to discuss possible changes to the outdated buildings at the Bellport Country Club. The main focus, he said, would be on the pro shop, cart/bag room and women’s locker room. The recommendations came in a report created by village residents who gave suggestions on how to bring the golf course up-to-date. The report also had suggested changes for the main building, which houses the men’s locker room and Peter’s on the Green, but Fell said they would likely be too expensive. “Touching the main building is not going to happen,” he said at the work session.

• Work has begun at the Bellport Marina as part of the bulkhead replacement project. Terry Contracting placed fencing around the area on Jan. 13 and began work. The project is expected to be completed this spring. 

• The board of trustees is revamping an earlier code change that would have added a “no solicitation” rule to the village code. After community input, the code now completely separates solicitation from peddling. The code would place no restrictions on door-to-door solicitation. Fell said he was still a proponent of the “no solicitation” list, and Village Attorney Dave Moran said it was still a viable option. A final draft of the code will be presented at the February work session.


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