Undefeated entering 2021

Bellport boxer wins last fight of the year


Alex Vargas, a 25-year-old boxer from Bellport, fought his ninth fight this last weekend, on Saturday, Nov. 21, and won by knockout in the first round. A 1-minute 40-second fight, his ninth win was Vargas’ quickest professional bout.

Remaining undefeated, Vargas pointed out that he has ended two of his last three fights with knockouts, which is significant.

“I felt comfortable in the ring with the experience from the previous eight fights,” Vargas said, noting that four of his fights were during the pandemic. “I am very grateful that I have been able to fight because many others have not been able to.

Vargas, known as El Toro, particularly thanks his father “for training me my whole life to get me to the point that I have.

Vargas plans to resume fighting in February, adding that there are plans in the works in terms of setting up fights.


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