The Boulevard continues development

Community-like, walkable neighborhood coming to Yaphank


The Boulevard master plan has been submitted to the Town of Brookhaven for approval from the planning board for development by AVR realty. The community-like, walkable neighborhood is proposed for a 322-acre site situated west of the William Floyd Parkway and just north of the Long Island Expressway.

The development, according to Brookhaven Town councilman Michael Loguercio, was originally proposed for a mall in the ‘90s and cleared originally for a Sears in the 2004. However, after the market crashed in 2007, Sears backed out. The lot then remained empty and cleared, slowly growing back brush.

About three years ago, construction started on the current project, once again re-clearing the land. The site now features 935 units, 400 for sale and 535 for rent, of combined townhouse and rental units. The units also feature areas exclusively for 55 and up.

“It’s very high end,” Loguercio said, explaining rent ranges from $2 to $3,000, and for purchase units are upwards of $500,000 with á la carte options for garages and pools. “We are very proud of this project and getting it done.”

The only change since the proposal was submitted and approved by the town board in September was a modification to a building on the southwestern corner originally slated for offices. The building will now become part of the residential portion with additional 152 units, pending approval by the planning board.

According to Brian Ferruggiari, AVR Realty director of public affairs, the units were changed to residential due to the low demand for office buildings after COVID-19. As for the retail portion of the project, the main draw will be a Walmart superstore including grocery and a pharmacy, as well as a Ridgewood Savings Bank. He also hopes to see retail tenants such as a bagel store, nail salon or restaurant.

The project, he said, will be done in multiple phases, starting with the 240-unit apartment building which was completed in 2016. Since then, they have constructed a hotel, assisted living facility, town park, and another 295 apartments. Another 300,000 square feet of retail is under construction and the Beechwood Organization is building 400 townhomes for sale.

“It’s a smart growth project with a traditional neighborhood design,” he said, noting its walkable nature. “Typical developments have large buffers from residential and commercial; this one was specifically designed with no buffers but rather connections.”

The project includes 10 apartment buildings with three-story walkups, four four-story apartment units, and two-story carriage house building units. The company anticipates breaking ground in spring of 2022 with completion in about 30 months. The project is pending site-plan approval from the town planning board.


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