Starbucks approved for Bargain Bilge demo

Earlier today, the Village of Patchogue Planning Board granted Starbucks permission through ABH Realty Group to demolish the former Bargain Bilge, located at 159 West Main Street in Patchogue Village, to construct a 2,065-square-foot building with a drive-thru, walkup window and outdoor seating.
The property is located in the D-2 Business Zone that sits on approximately a half-acre property that has an as-of-right use as a coffee shop. Last month, the zoning board also granted permission for the use of the drive-thru as well as permission to proceed with 15 parking spaces rather than the required 25, citing the non-intrusive nature of the application. 
After Suffolk County planning review, the only requirement made was that there be proper curb cutting to prevent left turns into the parking lot. All requested special permitting including signage was approved.
After review by the ZBA, the applicant resubmitted the application with revisions to the parking lot, including a stop sign after the drive-thru, a significant curb cut to prevent left turns as, well as a guided pedestrian crosswalk for safe access to the building.
Today the applicant also submitted requested items including the environmental and soil boring study. 
The applicant’s attorney, William Bonesso addressed the modified plan submitted, stating that it has addressed traffic and safety concerns with an added walkway and access point with a crosswalk, as well as the addition of the curb cut with no left-turn access and additional fencing and speed bumps for added safety.
A representative from the engineering company also explained that three speed bumps were added at either side of the pedestrian crosswalk and at the end of the drive-thru exit. A three-foot high fence was also added to help safely guide pedestrians to the crosswalk. A seating plan was also submitted as was a negative SEQRA.
“They did more than we asked for. I appreciate and had not realized the added speed bump on either side of the pedestrian cross-walk, said acting chair Kevin Weeks also making note of making sure the added fence is esthetically pleasing.
One email against the project was read into the record; no one else spoke for or against the project. The zoning board unanimously approved the application pending review by other agencies and the Suffolk County Department of Health.


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