Pat-Med Library unveils newest work of art


The cork tiles say it all.

There’s one with a big red “Love” surrounded by hearts. Another says, “Be Kind. Be Nice. Include.”

Want to feel good? Head to the stairs leading to the Children’s Department of the Patchogue-Medford Library.

Sixty colorful tiles with individual messages arranged in a mural will bolt you right out of the grumpies.

They are guaranteed to make you smile.

Some very profound messages were included.

“Kindness is sharing the chicken eggs,” pointed out assemblyman Jarett Gandolfo (R-Sayville), who came to support the finished product with library staff, of one savvy artist. (That one got a chuckle.)

Then, “Kindness. It Costs Nothing But Means EVERYthing” was written in bold blue lettering for emphasis.

“Kindness is,” announces the theme above the mural. An affinity sign, the symbol for autism, flows through the 10-foot wide creation. The project honored Autism Awareness Month.

“We cut the tiles out of our Makerspace,” said Michelle Cayea, community relations manager. A call went out to 50 families in the Pat-Med community to create what they thought kindness was; Mary Haven adults participated, too, Cayea explained.

The request went out with kits on April 1.

Cayea explained the library created 50 grab-and-go art kits, which were then returned for assembly. These kits included a tile, acrylic paint and brushes for the families. 

“They all returned them by April 19,” she said of the diligent turnaround.

“We gave them instructions in the kits,” explained Joyce Thompson-Haas, special education coordinator.

The library’s programming budget paid for the kits and the mural setup, Cayea added.


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