North Bellport overlay district to create mix use

Public hearing set for Nov. 18


A public hearing was set for Nov. 18 at 2:30 p.m. to discuss the creation of the Bellport Overlay District, an area west of Station Road that may include a mix of retail and residential property. The zone change will allow for a master plan, and eventually, for the district to get built. 

“In keeping with my promise and the promise of supervisor Ed Romaine, we are thrilled to continue moving forward in the revitalization of this area on Montauk Highway in Bellport,” said councilman Michael Loguercio. “As you can already see, there are a number of projects in motion and stay tuned, as we have many more exciting projects to come.”

The Greater Bellport Overlay District will further implement the recommendations of the 2014 Greater Bellport Land Use Plan, according to the town. The town board also intends to enact zoning which can be used as a redevelopment planning tool and that will foster the creation of a Bellport Esplanade and Greenway adjacent to the MTA/Long Island Rail Road line.

“The Greater Bellport Overlay District will create several specific individual overlays that will implement the 2014 Greater Bellport Land Use Plan,” the town resolution reads.



1.) Bellport Esplanade and

Greenway Overlay

• The Greater Bellport Land Use Plan recommends the creation of a linear park or esplanade by the lots created between Montauk Highway and the LIRR.

  The plan suggests the lots are “problematic and have developed chaotically without benefit of landscaping and adequate parking facilities due to their small size.” It also states that the preservation of the parcels will restore the environment and remove commercial blight.


2.) The Bellport Hamlet Center Overlay

• The overlay will continue to allow uses within the underlying zoning district(s) as well as allowing a new high-density residential use in the areas identified and recommended by the Greater Bellport Land Use Plan for high-density residential. The overlay also provides an opportunity to increase the seven units/acre overlay residential-base density by providing extra sanitary capacity.


3.) Greater Bellport Opportunity Overlay

• This overlay area contains one of the last large blocks of vacant residentially zoned property within the Greater Bellport area: the undeveloped land in the study area, between Hoffman Avenue and Bourdois Avenue and by the Boys and Girls Club on Atlantic Avenue. The Greater Bellport Land Use Plan also identifies “Mansion Flats” that are typically a larger dwelling made up of two, three or four individual units.


4.) Hagerman Hamlet Center Overlay

• The Greater Bellport Land Use Plan designated the general area covered by the Hagerman Hamlet Center Overlay as a hamlet center and recommended J-6 Main Street Business District for the hamlet center area. For existing automotive uses within or adjacent to the hamlet center, J-5 Heavy Commercial was recommended as the J-5 permits automotive related uses.

• However, since the plan’s adoption in 2014, the commercial market has continued to shrink. The existing J-6 Main Street Business District permits first-floor commercial; second-floor office or residential use and third-floor residential use. The overlay will continue to allow uses within the underlying zoning district(s) it will offer the opportunity by town board by special permit for multi-family housing that will permit residential use on the first, second, and third floors subject to a requirement that a minimum of 50 percent of the first-floor frontage along Montauk Highway shall be devoted to commercial uses.


The plan also acknowledged that the community is saturated with services dedicated to motor vehicles. It states, over 30 parcels contain automotive repair shops, used car establishments or junkyards.

“A myriad of automotive uses on Montauk Highway appear chaotic and unruly, spill their operations out onto the sidewalks, or right of ways become eyesores and attractive nuisances,” the plan reads.

However, since adoption of the Greater Bellport Land Use Plan in 2014, there has been little or no visual change or compliance with the design, the town board stated. The overlay will require town board special permitting for high-density housing as encouragement to redevelop these sites.


Other notable plan actions:

Pedestrian and bicycle access: the plan makes way for continuity from sidewalks in public streets to main pedestrian entrances on the site with secure interior bicycle storage space for the residential units. Also, bike paths will be provided along any main roadway that connects the development to a street.

Maximum residential density: Bellport Hamlet Center Overlay District limited to a maximum of 25 residential units per acre. Hagerman Hamlet Center Overlay District limited to a maximum of 20 residential units per acre. Greater Bellport Opportunity Overlay District limited to a maximum of eight residential units per acre.

“We’re very proud of the overlay. We are working hard on the improvements. This is a long-term strategy for this community,” said Brookhaven supervisor Ed Romaine, noting the impact the project will have on the community. “The town is going to invest dollars, time and energy. We are looking to do the right thing by this community. We want every community in this town to be a good community to live in.”


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