Boats, beaches, and barns inspire women artists


The Bay Area Friends of Fine Arts Gallery at the Gillette House in Sayville is hosting an exhibit by 30 artists from Women Sharing Art for the month of May.

Open from 12 pm to 4 p.m. every Saturday and Sunday, the gallery features over 60 original works in photography, oil, acrylic, textile, mosaic, watercolor, and mixed media among others.

The husband of one of the artists featured actually suggested this year’s theme, which was introduced to the members of Women Sharing Art three months in advance.

Boats, beaches, and barns, common subjects of Victoria Beckhert’s artwork, were so inspirational that her husband told president, Sue Miller, it should be a theme for the annual art show.

Artists used both local and international settings to create their pieces, with some as familiar as the Maritime Museum in Sayville to as far as the canals of Venice.

“It was absolutely individual in inter- pretation,” said Miller.

Curating the show is challenging because it is only at the drop-off point, mere days before the start of the exhibit, that Miller and fellow member Mireille Belajonas see the actual artwork.

“We always want the curation to tell a story to the viewer,” said Miller.

For this exhibit, thematic groupings are made, but also with acute attention to color palettes used.

While the coastal boats and beaches had cooler tones, the red barns of eastern Long Island farms also came through.

“Everything blended beautifully,” said Miller. “It was definitely a human interpretation of what was seen.”

Running the gamut from literal to abstract, the artwork featured is as varied as the vessels and locations whose essence they capture.


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