Bellport High School makes grand effort to remember


Bellport High School hosted a “Never Forget Sept. 11, 2001,” 20th anniversary remembrance in their Veteran’s Courtyard on Sept. 10. The ceremony included music and recounts of the day from South Country Ambulance chief Gregory Miglino Jr., New York City fireman David DiDio and NYPD member Joseph Alt.

“When you saw the gaping hole and fire and smoke coming out, you knew it was no small aircraft,” DiDio recalled. “As I was watching the TV, the second plane hit the second tower. […] I thought to myself, This was going to be a very bad day. I saw on the TV screen all firefighters were to report. I changed my clothes, called my wife, and got in my car.”

The remembrance was held in memory and dedication to Cpl. James E. Lundin, a Bellport High School alumnus killed in action in Balad, Iraq, at 20 years old. He was a member of the 2nd Brigade Combat Team, U.S. Army.


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