An edible arrangement


A true daughter of the South Shore, the epitomized Billy Joel’s “cool girl” from below the LIE, Emily Ryan from Blue Point has made quite the name for herself in the luxury vice world, even moving to Sin City.

“Vegas is a small town where everyone knows each other and supports each other’s businesses like Bayport-Blue Point,” said Ryan, “but with rhinestones and sequins.”

Ryan has over 22 years of experience in the adult beverage industry, starting from helping homegrown pubs that’ll be recognizable to locals gain momentum, all the way to her current position as a director of marketing at Herve, a luxury edibles brand.

“I really feel my career has been such a dream,” said Ryan. “I get to figure out how to help people have fun.”

Starting at age 21, living a bicoastal life in Blue Point and Ireland, Ryan began making connections with beer distributors, and those in-roads led to her landing positions in creative marketing teams that ran promotions and parties.

“During my summers in Ireland, I worked part-time at a pub and made friends with the Carling Beer representative and was fascinated by the merchandising of the brand,” said Ryan.

During her college years in Ireland, Ryan interned at the ubiquitous Guinness company, specifically with their Irish professional rugby connection.

With local connection to the Rose family, Ryan moved to Brooklyn (at the dawn of hipster-dom, making her an OG of Williamsburg irony) for craft beer, Union, and began working her portfolio up the ranks.

Along the way, she worked for La Petite Coquette, a luxury, high-end, celebrity-based lingerie company in Union Square, where she dressed the likes of Christina Aguilera in the early 2000s.

“I was really inspired by one of my aunts who was just the embodiment of luscious taste,” said Ryan. “She had a beehive and had this acrylic hot-pink piece with mother of pearl that just captured everything I wanted to be. And a gold ‘P’ on her ring finger for ‘Peg.’”

With a powder room of wall-to-wall textured cheetah print that spoke to the young Ryan, she realized that perhaps the J. Crew and L.L. Bean of the South Shore left her wanting.

“I’ve always loved where I’m from, the small-town quality and the friendships you make, but there was just a glamour I searched for that I didn’t find until later in life,” said Ryan.

With Bacardi as her first prominent portfolio piece, Ryan felt at home with the spirit house’s big budget, closing down Times Square with a Willie Nelson performance for the brand.

Now in Vegas, Ryan has set up her own community. “It’s really a small town for locals, but in a global city with international reach.”

From florists to cake makers, Ryan has a network of trusted providers to deliver on glitzed-out events, like her Hecho Tequila vision that involved a type of “gobstopper agave” carbonated with lime and salt.

She found a new resort with the world’s largest sports bar pool as a venue and developed cabanas with custom swag for eventgoers, complete with Mexican ice cream cards and a mariachi band.

In her latest role with Herve, Ryan has had to learn the ins and outs of the cannabis/edibles industry as well as fine French pastry making. “Albeit new fields, these are all in my wheelhouse of luxury fun,” said Ryan.

The No. 1 luxury edible in California, Herve, in 2020, set out to make a market in Vegas and found Ryan as a worthy and effective creative marketing manager to expand their client base to Nevada.

“I really had to think outside of the box to gather marketing data for Herve, because edibles aren’t as accessible to people as alcohol,” said Ryan, “so I went about making it approachable, controlled fun for people.”

Stunningly made macarons and kitschy hard candy with THC are at the forefront of the Herve line and a perfect product for Ryan to bring to a larger market.

“Unlike other edibles where you play Russian roulette with a container that has 100 mg of THC in the entire package and a piece could be 3 mg or 12 mg, Herve is perfectly made that every gummy or every macaron is 5 mg for a controlled experience,” said Ryan.

“With Herve, your high is in your hands.”

Starting with hosting basement parties in her parents’ house with Christmas lights and sidewalk chalk, Ryan’s career has been a never-ending party welcoming more people as she branches out. 


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